Whill C2 Powerchair Tour – Electric Wheelchair For Ambulatory Wheelchair Users

Since I’ve had my Whill C2 Powerchair for a few months now, I thought I’d introduce you properly!

If you’re new here, allow me to introduce myself and give you a brief overview of the story so far. I’m Pippa, and I have a chronic illness that impacts my mobility. I’ve used an electric wheelchair since 2018 which has played a massive role in improving my independence and quality of life, and in 2023, I began the process of searching for my new powerchair to replace the previous one that was no longer serving me well.

To find out more about why I chose the Whill C2, the other options I considered, and how I managed to secure some funding through my Access To Work award, you may find it helpful to read this previous blog post (or watch this video!) first. I finally received my lovely new Whill C2, who I named Wilma, in May 2024, and already she’s made a huge positive difference to my way of life.

 I’ve had a lot of questions about this chair and my experience so far, so I filmed this powerchair tour for YouTube to give people a better idea of what they might expect from this model. In the video I show you some of the features that benefit me, the key ways it differs from my previous power-chair, and also some of the limitations I’ve observed so far, which are also important to talk about.

As always, all views are my own and I only speak for myself. I’m an ambulatory wheelchair user with a chronic illness, and what’s right for me won’t necessarily be right for somebody else!

If you have specific questions about the Whill C2, please contact their team directly as they are best placed to advise, but I hope you find this video helpful. Watch the video below, and keep scrolling to find links to the various things I mention!

Mentioned In The Video

Pippa in front of Bath Abbey in her power-chair, with her back to the camera but turning around to smile while wearing sunglasses. There is a fitted zip scooter bag over the backrest of the power-chair with reflective panels around the edge of it.


I ordered and purchased the following accessories from TGA at the same time as I ordered the power-chair, and they helpfully fitted everything for me on the day the chair was delivered.

The names and commodity codes for the accessories I mention in the video are as follows…

  • Splash Scooter Bag (42029298)
  • Able2 Pannier Bag (42029298)
  • Quokka Cup Holder (87142000)
  • Quokka Smartphone Bag (87142000) – would not necessarily recommend
  • Quokka Bag Adaptor Tube Fitting AD1 (87142000)

Possible Whill C2 Discount

In the video, I mention the possibility of a discount code via TGA’s referral scheme. I’ve helpfully chucked away the piece of paper that had the info on, but I believe if you quote ‘ReferFriend’ online or in-person, you’ll be prompted to give the name of who referred you – that’s Pippa Stacey, if it’s me! If you do so, you will in theory get £150 off your purchase and I’ll get £150 back. I’m not sure how it works and haven’t tested this myself but thought it was worth mentioning if you’re certain this chair is the right one for you!

Thanks for reading and catch you next time!

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