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3 Easy Swaps For Environmental Sustainability – Chronic Illness Edition [AD]

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[AD – This post is sponsored by BetterYou*. Links marked with * are affiliate links; scroll to the bottom of this post for my code for 15% off! All opinions are my own. Always consult a medical professional before making changes to your medication or condition management, gang.]

Like many people of our generation, I know that looking after our planet is of utmost importance. Although we’re yet to see many large businesses and those in positions of power take social responsibility for fighting climate change the way they should, I also know that we as individuals can still play a role in encouraging more sustainable living.

The Internet is full of well-intentioned suggestions and advice on eco-friendly living. However, as with many things in this day and age, it’s clear that this advice is tailored primarily for non-disabled people. It’s rare that chronic illness in particular becomes part of this narrative, and rarer still that the advice on offer takes into account the unique challenges our community can face.

The simple fact of the matter is that even with all the good intentions in the world, there are dozens of barriers that can make living more sustainably particularly challenging for chronically ill people. Because of this, I think it’s incredibly important for non-disabled people to be an ally: open to learning about these obstacles and acknowledging that the ‘solution’ to these, if one exists, will look different for every individual.

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York’s Park Bench Theatre Presents First Love by Samuel Beckett

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Expectations: 3/5

Reality: 4/5

Chronic Illness-Friendly: 5/5

[AD – Press Invite. Many thanks to York Theatre Royal and Engine House Theatre for the complimentary tickets. It’s so important to support local theatres at this time so I’d also like to make clear that I will be making an online donation following the performance. You can do the same here!]

To say it’s been a theatre-less few months would be an understatement. Like many people, I’ve been sorely missing live theatre and watching on with despair as the industry we adore struggles to survive these challenging times. However, if stagey people are anything, they’re creative. They do what they can to find innovative solutions to seemingly impossible barriers, and Engine House Theatre’s Park Bench Theatre initiative is a prime example of this.

From August through to September, Park Bench Theatre will be sharing three unique productions: a play based on Samuel Beckett’s First Love (under Under Matt Aston’s direction), the premiere of the original Every Time A Bell Rings, and a further premiere of Teddy Bears’ Picnic. The small team of creatives will be staging each of these productions outdoors, within the gorgeous scenery of York’s Rowntree Park, inviting audiences to once more indulge in the arts in a safer, socially distanced way.

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