Where are you based?

I grew up in Sheffield and now live in York. I’m a Yorkshire lass through and through!

What are your pronouns?


What is your disability?

I have an Energy Limiting Condition called ME/CFS. It’s a chronic illness with a broad range of symptoms, though I’ve been very lucky to have experienced some improvements in my condition over the last few years. I’ve written many posts about life with chronic illness, and shared my story via books and eBooks too.

What is your job?

I’m a freelance writer and speaker, and I also work in communications consultancy in the charity sector. Alongside this, I’m very lucky to be a disabled influencer with an online audience, and I love engaging with presenting and media opportunities too.

I have a particular interest in making education and employment more inclusive for people with Energy Limiting Conditions like my own. Although working with a chronic illness can be incredibly tough at times, I’m grateful for my career every single day. Despite the bizarre circumstances that brought me to where I am now, I can’t help but feel that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

How did you get into this line of work?

At university I studied BSc Psychology in Education, and completed a PgDip in Health Psychology. After graduating in 2017, I secured an internship with an amazing disability charity and spent the next few years employed (part-time, due to my health) in the charity sector. However, soon after I started my blog, my writing and media work began to take off. This has brought me some truly incredible opportunities, and I realised that if I wanted to embrace them whilst holding onto the charity sector work that’s so close to my heart, I needed to find a better balance and become self-employed.

Becoming a disabled freelancer didn’t happen overnight: it was something I had to weave into my life slowly and carefully. If you’re looking to kick-start a career alongside chronic illness, my Finding Accessible Work blog post may help you get started.

How and why do you use a wheelchair?

I’m an ambulatory wheelchair user, which means that I use different mobility aids on different days. Sometimes you’ll see me using a manual wheelchair, other times you’ll see me using my power-chair, other times you’ll see me using no aids at all. Using mobility aids helps me to better pace myself and manage my condition, and in doing so has also completely transformed my quality of life.

My power-chair is the Eden Comet from Eden Mobility. It does the job and ticks the boxes for me, but using it definitely hasn’t come without challenges!

Can you give me medical advice/help me to find a wheelchair?

Finding the right support can be tricky but unfortunately, I don’t have the specialist knowledge or capacity to support individuals. However, I’ve written many posts about my chronic illness and experiences with mobility aids over the years that people often find helpful. You can find plenty more of both on my YouTube channel too.

What are your social media handles?

How can I book you for a project?

Simple – get in touch or drop me an email at [email protected] and let’s have a chat!