The Hedonic Treadmill Of Chronic Illness

pippa sat at table outdoors with river visible in background. pippa is wearing a pink denim jacket with a black top under it, holding up a red 'mocktail' and smiling

A treadmill analogy in a blog post about chronic illness? Really, Pippa? You’re gonna have to hear me out with this one, guys. I’ll never know peace again until I get some of these thoughts down on paper. Earlier this year, I read about a psychological concept known as hedonic adaptation. In a nutshell, hedonic […]

Introversion And Chronic Illness – Changing The Narrative

headshot of pippa outdoors in front of brick wall, hair down and wearing dark blue spotted dress, looking down at open book and smiling. book is 'quiet' by susan cain, plain white cover

Oh guys. I’d highly recommend grabbing yourself a cuppa and getting comfy before reading any further; we’re going in for a deep dive with this one. Although the following piece relates to my own experiences, I really hope there are things you personally can take away from this piece too. As always, please do feel […]