Keeping Cosy Alongside ME/CFS – New HeatHolders Goodies!

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Pippa stood up outdoors, wearing her new HeatHolders hat, neckwarmer and gloves in the colour dusty blue. She's also wearing a pink and blue raincoat and has her hair in plaits, holding up a blue mug and smiling.

If you’ve been around here for a while now, you may know that HeatHolders has a very special place in my heart. I’ve loved and relied on their products for over a decade now, but I swear they just keep getting better and better…

It’s also no secret that us chronically ill folk tend not to do too well in the winter – my own cold sensitivity and temperature regulation issues are some of the things I personally find most difficult about living with ME/CFS, and I pretty much live in my Ladies Thermal Tights** under all my outfits around this time of year.

What’s the deal with the cold sensitivity?

My challenges with the cold began long before I had my diagnosis, but they continue to put an interesting slant on things. Last year, I was also diagnosed with a very rare neurovascular condition. It’s something I’m going to talk about properly in the future, since even by my standards it’s utterly bizarre, but it means it’s now more important than ever that I can regulate my body temperature and keep my hands and feet wrapped up and cosy. And if you think I’m using this as an excuse to buy ALL the HeatHolders gloves and socks over the coming months, you are absolutely correct.

Pippa stood up outdoors, wearing her cosy new HeatHolders hat, neckwarmer and gloves in the colour dusty blue. She's also wearing a pink and blue raincoat and has her hair in plaits, looking off to the side and smiling.

Even in the face of medical challenges, I firmly believe that having a dreamy matching hat, gloves, and neck warmer (plus more socks for my growing collection) can go a heck of a long way in making you feel more ready to brave the elements and go about your day. Thanks to a recent delivery from the lovely team at HeatHolders, I’m now the proud owner of a new…

Ladies Arden Pom Pom Hat (Dusky Blue)**

Ladies Neck Warmer (Dusky Blue)**

Ladies Willow Gloves (Dusky Blue)**

And of course, no HeatHolders order is complete without some of their hero product socks. This time I opted for the Ladies Original Multi Stripe Socks (Palma)** in the colour denim, and I don’t mind telling you that my toes feel utterly blessed.

What makes HeatHolders so special?

Pippa's new goodies from HeatHolders in their original red and orange cardboard packaging, arranged in a pile together on the floor.

All of these items are carefully made with HeatHolders’ HEATWEAVER insulation – a plush, fur-like thermal lining specially designed to hold warmth right next to your skin. And that alone can make all the difference during the colder months.

You probably all know by now that HeatHolders has been my go-to brand for thermals and cosy accessories ever since I first tried them. They’re incredibly cute, excellent value for money (in my humble opinion), and the fact that the majority of items are machine washable means they’re nice and energy-friendly to look after too. What’s not to love?

I swear one of my happiest wins as a blogger is helping fellow always-cold folk discover thermals like these. Over recent years, many of you lovely readers have purchased HEATWEAVER blankets, leggings, dressing gowns and more on my recommendation, and it gives me such a thrill to know that other people with conditions like mine find them as comforting and helpful as I do.


If you haven’t tried any HeatHolders products yourself yet, consider this your sign. You can shop online from the comfort of your home**, and use my code PIPPA10 for 10% off sitewide. I’d love to hear what you choose!

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