Vegan Cheese For All Occasions With Violife [AD]

vegan cheese products by violife, featured sliced and grated original cheese, epic mature block, and le rond camembert

[AD – this post is sponsored by Violife. All cheese-based opinions are my own].

If you’re familiar with my background, you may know that while I’ve always loved food, it hasn’t always loved me back. I live with the joys of multiple food allergies and intolerances, so it was hardly a surprise when in 2017, dairy and egg also decided to yeet themselves off my safe list.

Thanks in part to this development, for the last few years I’ve really tried to eat vegan and make ethical choices wherever I can, alongside managing my dietary needs as somebody with a chronic illness. The transition didn’t turn out to be difficult as I expected it to be, but the one thing it took a good long while to find my feet with was vegan cheese.

I’ve tried a range of brands over the years, looking for something with a taste and texture as similar to non-vegan cheese as possible, and ideally something that would go nice and melty when hot. After plenty of trial and error, I can safely say that Violife is the winner for me. They offer a range of products, and fast became the brand I reached to on the supermarket shelf and the website I turned to for vegan recipes. So today, allow me to introduce you to some of my favourites…

Epic Mature Cheddar Flavour Block

Ready to eat straight from the pack, this one is your go-to product for all cheese craving needs. As well as being full of protein and vitamin B12, the block is easy to slice and prepare however you like… the ideal option if you too are a fan of having some little squares of cheese on your plate of ‘picky bits’ for lunch.

Original Flavour Slices

Back in the day, these slices were the first product of Violife’s that I tried. They’re great for a diverse range of uses, but trust me when I say you need to try grilling them on top of a toasted bagel to enjoy with a cuppa during the cold Winter months. Absolute bliss.

Original Flavour Grated

Another staple product for me, the grated version of the Original Flavour cheese is ideal for sprinkling on your pasta or jacket potato until it goes a bit melty. It’s also handy if you like to make your own pizza – this one is just the right kind of flavour to serve as a base for your creation.

Smoky Cheddar Flavour Slices

If you like more flavour and a bit of a kick to your vegan cheese, this one is for you. I’m a bit of a plain Jane with my food and expected not to be keen on the Smoky Cheddar variety, but my goodness, these slices on top of a home-cooked vegan burger would be a little taste of heaven. Challenge accepted…

Le Rond Camembert Flavour

And finally, the showstopper. No more need to miss out on the Camembert and wine hype just because of dietary requirements. All you have to do is bake this Le Rond Camembert in the oven or microwave, treat yourself to some accompaniments to dip with, and you’re all set for a cosy evening with friends.

Have you tried any of Violife’s vegan cheese products yet? You can find plenty of creative vegan recipes on their website too!

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