The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Friend Who’s Always Cold

The Always Cold Folk. We all have them. Those people in our lives who could sit themselves under the blazing summer sun and still end up shivering. The ones who could be reclining in the middle of a Caribbean island and find goosebumps on their arms. The ones who could take themselves off to a roasting hot sauna and still feel a bit nippy.

If you don’t have a friend like this, then let’s be honest, the friend is probably you.

I happen to be the friend who’s always cold. Cold sensitivity is one of the hallmark elements of my chronic illness, and something I’ve had to learn how to live with. But whether you’re chronically ill or not, the cold friend yourself or have a loved one in mind, I believe being an iceberg of a human being presents a wonderful opportunity to get creative with gift giving…

With that in mind, let me present to you my Ultimate Gift Guide for the friend who’s always cold. Below you’ll find my tried and tested recommendations for products spanning a whole range of genres. There’s something for everybody in here, and I’ve made an effort to accommodate a range of different price points too.

Whether you’re buying for a friend or looking for ideas for your own wishlist, I hope this guide is helpful! If you found it useful, please do pass it on or spread the word on social media. Between us, we can and will stand up to the chill. We’ll stare the beastly weather in the face and dare it to confront us – while underneath only the most snuggliest of blankets and with a hot drink in hand.

[AD – items marked with * were gifted or press samples. Items marked with ** are affiliate links: I earn a small commission through any sales made using these links, at absolutely no extra cost to you. As always, all opinions are entirely my own!]


purple spacemasks packaging laid out on blue flowery bedsheets. packaging includes a square cardboard box covered with stars, and pippa's hand is holding a sachet of the same design containing one spacemaskIf relaxation is high on your agenda, Spacemasks are here to help. Each pack contains five self-heating eye masks that will ‘transport you to another dimension’, not only providing gentle warmth but also relieving tension, tiredness, and eye strain along the way. All you do is unfold the mask, then rest it over your eyes as the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere ‘cuddle up’ to the mask’s iron particles in a natural heat exchange, providing approximately 15 minutes of cosiness.

I first discovered Spacemasks after seeing them on BearHugs GiftsBearHugs Gifts’ website, and sent plenty of them to my friends who’ve always come back to me with rave reviews. However, I recently had the pleasure of finally trying the original Jasmine-scented ones for myself and can confirm they’re as dreamy as they sound. The masks sat comfortably on my face, and they actually got hotter than I was expecting – not in an uncomfortable way, but rather a way that really did lull me into rest and relaxation, even in the midst of what was arguably not my most restuful and relaxing day. If that’s not a marker of success, then I don’t know what is.

The single-use nature of the masks means that I personally see these as an indulgence rather than a regular purchase… but all the more reason for them to make an ideal gift for somebody you want to treat. As well as the gorgeous originals, you can also now purchase charity boxes for a range of causes, including chamomile scented ones. A perfect little gift for a loved one in need of some chill out time, if you ask me.

Yuyu Luxury Fleece Hot Water Bottle*

selfie of pippa, with the back of her reflected in the mirror positioned behind. pippa is smiling, wearing a black t-shirt and leggings, with a pretty pink 'yuyu' hot water bottle folded over her shoulder and tied at the waist with small white fasteningsIf your brain detected ‘hot water bottle’ and commanded you to keep scrolling, stop right there. These are no ordinary hot water bottles. Not only is the cover made from the softest luxury fleece, these long, slim, and flexible hot water bottles can be worn hands free around the body, over your shoulders or abdomen. You heard that right. It’s a wearable hot water bottle.

I opted for the Dusty Pink Yuyu Bottle, and I was especially pleased to find the rubber material is biodegradable and the bottle takes less than a kettle’s worth of water to fill up. As a chronically fatigued human being, I did struggle with the weight of it as the bottle filled up with water and others may need some assistance with this… but once it was attached on my person, I was surprised at how easy I found it to bear the additional weight. Lasting for up to six hours, the warmth of the bottle and the luxuriousness of the fleece made for such a comforting presence that I was ready to curl up and indulge in a nap there and then. Provided I have the strength to fill it up on any given day, I know this hot water bottle is going to be a gamechanger during the colder months.

If you have little ones who feel the cold, Yuyu also offer an adorable range of Warm Worms, smaller bottles that would make gorgeous bedtime companions. I mention that mainly because a friend sent me a link to the Pippa Worm and told me to read the description because this worm was, indeed, me. It didn’t half make me laugh, so from now on I would like to be referred to exclusively as ‘a playful little warm worm’. Many thanks for your understanding. If you do make a purchase from Yuyu, be sure to use the code Pippa10 for 10% off!

USB Mug Warmer**

a small white mug containing green tea positioned on a USB mug warmer plugged into pippa's laptop. the mug warmer is light brown and has a pine-like textureAs somebody who can most often be found at my desk with a cuppa, all the more so during the cold weather, I’ve been wanting to try one of these USB Mug Warmers** for years. All you do is plug it into your computer or laptop via a USB port, then place your cup or mug on top of the stand to keep the drink inside it warmer for longer.

Different models of these cover a huge range of price points for different technologies, so I made a conscious decision to try one at the more affordable end of the scale… although it was actually the design of the DBA Mug Warmer** that initially caught my eye. The domed wooden grain made it much more aesthetically pleasing to me than the more high-tech metallic designs, and though the base could have done with being a bit bigger to accommodate most of my (admittedly rather hefty) mugs, it made a welcome addition to my desk set-up.

The stand quickly warms up and within moments feels quite hot to the touch – something to bear in mind if you’re the kind of person who might forget to unplug it and then accidentally lean that way once you’ve finished your drink. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. It does, however, seem to make a genuine difference in how long your hot drink stays hot for – especially if you have a cup or mug that’s the right size for the stand. It may well be that there are better models out there** but overall, I reckon this would make a cute little gift for quite a wide range of people – work friends, gamers, bloggers, tea-enthusiasts… the list goes on. Here’s to the never-ending quest to sustain the perfect tea drinking temperature.

Heat Holders Luxury Fleece Blanket**

pippa stood up in living room, completely wrapped up in pale grey fluffy heat holders blanket. purple heat holders sleep socks peeking out from under blanket.If you’ve been around for a while, you may know that Heat Holders** is not only one of my all-time favourite brands, but that some of their products have been my saving grace. You can find out more about some of my absolute essentials in this past post, but the one I specifically wanted to pull out for this gift guide is their luxury fleece blanket**.

Now, I can tell you with not a hint of exaggeration that I spend most of my life under my Heat Holders blanket. I may or may not be cosied up in it right now as I’m typing this. Mine is in the colour Moon Rock (though there are dozens of others to choose from) and may well be the softest, warmest thing in the universe. Made of a dreamy soft fleece called HeatWeaver, the blanket has an official tog rating of 1.7, and the thermal properties almost make it feel as though any heat you do have in you is being retained and radiated back to your body. AND they’re machine-washable, meaning they’re no faff at all to look after and keep clean. You know me, faff-free only in this household.

A cosy blanket is the kind of gift that’s useful, practical, and yet still thoughtful if you choose wisely. If you too would like to be a cosy bean of cosiness, or enable a friend to be a cosy bean of cosiness, you can use code PIPPA10 to get 10% off your Heat Holders order**. You’re so welcome.

Heat Treats Heat Pack Slippers

pippa's legs propped up on grey sofa with grey cushions in background. on pippa's feet are novelty penguin chick slippers, grey and white in design and with heating pads underneathFeet that feel like blocks of ice are part of the package deal of the always-cold lifestyle. I’ve had my fair share of microwaveable heat packs over the years, but never before had it occurred to me that the same principle could be applied to slippers. And not just any slippers. ANIMAL SLIPPERS.

Heat Treats’ Heat Pack Slippers are in high demand, and I can see why. These Toesty Toe ballerina-style designs are made of plush faux fur, and each slipper contains a removable cotton case heat pack filled with natural wheat grains. All you do is pop these inserts into the microwave for less than a minute, pop them back into the soles, and enjoy the comforting warmth and calming aroma of the lavender scent as you have a well-earned sit-down.

These one-size slippers are designed to fit UK shoe sizes 3-6. A frequent problem I’ve experienced in the past is one-size slipper products fitting too big or wide on my admittedly tiny feet, so I was thrilled when I first tried on my snazzy new penguin chicks and they fitted like a glove. The heat really packed a punch, and my immediate reaction on first wear was that they were going to be an absolute Godsend for returning home and defrosting myself after cold trips outdoors in the Winter. They’re essentially the millennial equivalent of putting your slippers in front of the fire to warm – except these are speedy, immediately toasty, and did I mention they had ANIMALS on them?

Heat Treats also offer heat pack slippers in various other designs (including boot-style and plain colours) but heck, whether you’re a child or an adult I encourage you to at least have a look at the animals and grab yourself a pair while there’s still a few in stock – I’ve been told these bad boys are in particularly high demand this year. Somehow I’ve only recently discovered Heat Treats for myself (shocking because all of their products – pyjamas, loungewear, more heated goodies – are right up my street), so I’m especially delighted to share that you can get 10% off everything on their site until January 2022 using the code PIP10. Go forth and be cosy, my loves.

The Oodie

pippa stood up wearing a huge green tie-dye 'oodie', that looks like a wearable blanket with a hood and long sleeves. pippa is pulling the huge hood over her head with both hands and laughingThe Oodie is a majestic wearable blanket that has changed me as a person. That’s it. That’s the review.

These marvellous creations are the epitome of cosiness, comfort and warmth. Made to fit like an oversized hoodie (and 30% longer in length than competitors) but with the warming qualities of a blanket, I challenge you to find an always-cold human who wouldn’t fall in love one of these. Each Oodie is individually made with cruelty-free and vegan fleece, and the cuteness begins even with the packaging it arrives in. Trust me on that one. You could order one to be sent directly to a friend and they would still have the same experience as unwrapping a gift…

I was surprised as anybody that I didn’t opt for a wackier design (though I was briefly tempted by the Friends ones…) – but it was love at first sight when I saw this Green Tie-Dye Oodie. Upon arrival, I can confirm it’s every bit as snuggly as it looks in the photos, and also that I will not be changing out of it for at least the next 3-5 months. I’m only half joking. As a shorter than average human being, the one-size-fits-all means it covers more of my body in length than I was expecting, but in my experience the weight of it doesn’t feel massively heavy once you have it on – it just takes a touch more energy to raise your arms, I would say. Despite this, the overall sensation you’re blessed with is akin to being gently snuggled by a cloud.

The quality of these Oodies is reflected in the higher price point, with adult sizes priced at £84.00, but not to worry – you can take that price down significantly and get £30.00 off your order by using the discount code LIFEOFPIPPA30 at checkout. If you do go for it, I would absolutely LOVE to hear which design caught your eye. Now that I’ve tried them, I can’t promise I’m not going to go back and purchase another one for myself and/or all my loved ones in the future…


And there we have it! I hope at the very least this guide has given you some new ideas for your gift list – whether it’s for yourself or a loved one. Us always cold folk have to stick together, right? If you do decide to make a purchase, I’d really love to hear about it. Which item from this post would you be most thrilled to unwrap?

Thanks so much for reading, and catch you next time!

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