Expectations: 5/5 Reality: 5/5 Chronic illness friendly: 4/5 Let me begin this review by admitting a huge bias: you’d be hard pushed to find me saying a bad word about Wicked. It was younger Pippa’s obsession, resulting in it being the first West End show I ever… View Post

First things first, PURCHASE THE EBOOK HERE* OR THE PAPERBACK HERE.* You know you want to… “Dear M.E,    If this letter was part of an inspirational movie, I’m sure I would be saying a heartfelt thank you. Dramatic music would play whilst I’d gush about how… View Post

Expectations: 5/5 Reality: 5/5 Chronic illness friendly: 4.5/5 (keep scrolling for my review!) When a show is so critically acclaimed and adored by so many, there’s always the worry that when you see it for yourself, you’re going to be disappointed. HOWEVER, I’m relieved to say that… View Post

Since we’re now into May, and today marks the beginning of M.E. Awareness Month, I thought I’d throw together a post featuring just some of the things you can do to show your support. Most of them are quick and easy, and won’t cost you a penny…… View Post