Your university personal statement gives you a golden opportunity to really show off your skills and demonstrate why you’re worthy of offers. As such, it’s crucial that you really dedicate your time and energy to this stage of the application and ensure you absolutely nail it. Once you have a draft, reviewing your work and seeking feedback is everything. Read it aloud to yourself, show it to your family, and then pop it across to me and I’ll happily lend a hand too…

I offer an affordable Personal Statement support service, whereby I read your draft, make online edits and suggestions, and share my feedback with you. In doing so, I hope to offer a fresh perspective, and a bit of additional support to those feeling insecure about this element of their application. I’m particularly keen to work with those who may be outside of mainstream education due to chronic health issues, who may not have access to the same tailored careers support as typical students.

What I CANNOT do is write your personal statement for you, or tell you exactly what your submission should include. Your work must be your own, and you alone are in the best place to decide what should and shouldn’t be included in your application.

What I CAN do is proofread your written work, accounting for spellings, grammar and overall flow. I can also advise on the content you have included, sharing thoughts on whether specific points could be explained or elaborated further, as well as comment on your overall structure and how this could potentially be improved.

Language and tone are my speciality, and together, we’ll create a submission that presents the best possible impression of you as an individual, and all you have to offer. This is your time to shine, so let’s show why your chosen universities would be lucky to have you.

To find out more, drop me an email expressing an interest in this service, as well as some background information about you. Your age, chosen courses and universities, as well as any specific questions or queries you have, would all be helpful to include at this stage.

From there, if I can be of assistance, I’ll ask you to send over your draft. I’ll then pop across my rates and an invoice, for you to decide whether you would like to proceed. Payment will be due upfront via bank transfer or PayPal, and I’ll then conduct my edits in a timely manner.

Sound good? Drop me an email or use the contact form below, and let’s get started!

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Please note that my experience lies mostly in working on university personal statements. However, I’m also happy to consider similar assistance for job or work experience applications, or any projects of a similar nature. You may also be interested in my writing and editing services, and my debut non-fiction book, University And Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide.

front cover of 'university and chronic illness: a survival guide' featuring bold typography and coloured ink dots with yellow notebook in lower left corner, complete with stickman doodles representing different disabilities