Stages At Sea Musical Theatre Cruise By Floating Festivals

poster advert reading 'throwback at sea' on the left, and 'stages at sea' on the right, with an image of a cruise ship

The UK musical theatre scene is truly leading the pack at the moment. We have a thriving West End, wonderful UK tours, heightened interest in community and inclusive theatre, and now… a musical theatre cruise. Yes, you did hear that right. Later this year, Floating Festivals are premiering two cruises onboard Royal Caribbean’s luxurious Navigator […]

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical: Theatre Review (York Fringe 2017)

Photo Credits: Geraint Lewis Expectations: 4.5/5 Reality: 5/5 Chronic Illness Friendly: 4.5/5 – This is a good one for chronic illness sufferers. No strobe lighting or special effects, and a really nice concise run time of 70 minutes! A tad loud and shouty at times, but aside from that it’s a nice, safe choice for […]