CRYSTAL – Cirque Du Soleil’s Breakthrough Ice Experience


performer hanging from trapeze by his feet, holding onto one leg of female performer hanging beneath him and bringing other leg up to head
Image Credits: Matt Beard

[AD – Press]. Complimentary tickets in exchange for review.

Before we say anything else, it’s worth acknowledging that attending Cirque du Soleil’s latest production as press is something still almost incomprehensible to me. Having grown up with a love and appreciation for Cirque right at the core of my being, and finally being able to see my first full production in 2017, it’s genuinely mind-boggling to believe that this is where we are, three years later. Cirque holds such a special place in my heart, and I truly believe they’re one of the finest artistic establishments on this planet.

Each of Cirque’s productions are unique in their own right, but from the get-go, it was clear that CRYSTAL, a performance shaped around the artistic possibilities of ice, would be something completely bespoke. Combining skating, acrobatics, comedy and movement, as well as dazzling visual projections and an original score of music, this particular show ventures into previously undiscovered artistic territory, and it’s safe to say the company really made the most of it.

on screen projection of red-haired character Crustal, tumbling through ice
Image Credits: Matt Beard

The story puts the audience in the shoes of title character Crystal, a quirky and imaginative young woman who feels at odds with the world around her. In frustration on a particularly difficult day, she ventures out onto thin ice and finds herself falling underneath the surface, sinking into an upside-down world. Here, she’s able to interact with Crystal’s Reflection, her inner self, who shows her how to harness her frustrations and turn them into creative energy; Crystal is handed a pen and left to see where her mind takes her.

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How To Book Access Theatre Tickets – Seats For Disabled Patrons

izzy and pippa sat in seats in empty theatre auditorium, facing camera and smiling

Ever since I started theatre blogging and my chronic illness-friendly reviews, I’ve had messages asking about how I book my access tickets and ensure my needs are met. It’s one of those things that I’ve been doing for so long now that it’s become second nature, so these questions really made me take a step back and think about how the process could seem to somebody new to the theatre scene.

I’d hate to think of anybody missing out simply due to not knowing where to start, so today, let’s talk about access tickets, the booking process, and what adjustments could potentially be made for disabled and chronically ill patrons…

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Standing At The Sky’s Edge (Dementia Friendly) – Sheffield Theatres

faith omole as joy, sat at table looking down into a musical box
Image Credits: Johan Persson

[Press tickets kindly #gifted in exchange for this review!]

Expectations: 4.5/5

Reality: 4/5

Chronic illness-friendly: 4/5 (Dementia Friendly Performance: keep scrolling for more info!)

pippa stood back to camera at sky edge looking oit over city visible in background

When my mum found out I would be seeing Sheffield Theatres’ Standing At The Sky’s Edge, she got me in the car and drove us to the Park Hill flats. She wanted me to see them properly for myself, and for me to stand on ‘Sky Edge’, looking out over Sheffield, just as she and her friends did when they were younger.

I had no idea that my immediate family and the generations before it had such a personal connection to the Park Hill flats, but it’s safe to say we’re not the only ones: the entire population of Sheffield knows something about them and their history. You could argue that it was only a matter of time before they became the subject of something bigger, and Sheffield Theatres did it absolutely beautifully.

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Musical Theatre Must-See List 2019

pippa sitting in theatre seat, holding up hamilton programme and smiling

New year, new idealistic musical theatre plans…

I haven’t done a post like this before, but after sharing quite a scrappy note of my must-see list on my Instagram stories and seeing people’s curiosity (which made my heart warm: you lot are my FAVES), I decided to share my 2019 must-see musicals list here as well. Everything’s linked by the title, and I hope you find some potential new favourites on there for yourselves too.

I’ll tell you right now that there’s no chance I’m going to see everything on this list, but I’m sure as heck giving it a good go. I’ve known for a while that 2019 was going to be a Good Theatre Year for me, with so many of my all-time favourites heading out on tour and some much-anticipated musicals transferring to the West End. So, if you too are one of the lucky souls living in Yorkshire surrounded by incredible regional theatre, you can find my top picks below. And keep scrolling for some West End highlights (and deals and discounts!) too… 

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