Chronic Illness-Inspired Recent Reads

pippa holding up stack of colourful chronic-illness inspired books and smiling

Links marked with * are affiliate links: I earn a small commission from any purchase made by following these at no extra cost to you. This post contains kindly gifted items, as disclosed below. Well hello! It’s safe to say I didn’t expect my first bookish post outside of my old format to be shared […]

Books You Need In Your Life: April – June 2018

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It’s that time again! Put down your book, grab yourself a cuppa, and get cosy: I’ve read some absolute crackers this quarter, and I’ve been looking forward to telling you alllll about them. As always, everything is linked by the title (affiliate links- see bottom of post for more information), so have a browse, let […]

Books You Need In Your Life: January – March 2018

You guys, I am SO excited to be back with my first quarterly Books You Need In Your Life post of the year. These are some of my favourite blog posts to sit down and write, and it’s the most wonderful thing to see that other people seem to enjoy them too. Whilst the start […]

Books You Need In Your Life: July – September 2017

Welcome to the third quarterly edition of my Books You Need In Your Life series! I’ve read some absolute crackers over the course of the summer months, including the following… Notes On My Family by Emily Critchley ‘Dad has made Spaghetti Bolognese…I only have the Bolognese as I don’t eat starch and protein together and […]