Working with ME/CFS – Examples of Workplace Adjustments

pippa sat on bed, legs crossed with laptop open and resting on knees. Pippa is wearing comfy clothes and has long brown hair down, smiling at camera

Before we jump into this post, it feels really important to emphasise that by no means is everybody with ME/CFS is well enough to pursue employment, nor should they be expected to. I also know first-hand just how difficult it can be to find accessible employment opportunities in the first place. However, as one of […]

Tips For Job Hunting As A Disabled Graduate

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This piece was originally commissioned by Debut Insights: see the original post here! Let’s be honest, the education system wasn’t built with disabled people in mind. That said, every year countless disabled students graduate and embark on successful careers in the industry of their choice. Nearing the completion of your studies and thinking about work […]