Dairy And Nut Free Chocolates for Easter

various boxed and colourful easter products stood up against plain background

So here’s the thing. If we’re pals on Instagram, you’re probably already familiar with me banging on about multiple allergies, but hear me out. Whilst there’s no denying that there’s been a huuuuge increase in free from food and brands here in the UK, and it’s been absolutely brilliant for people with gluten and dairy allergies, many of these new developments have proved rather problematic for the nut-allergic community.

Why? Because so many of these brands that proudly proclaim they’re ‘allergy-free’ and ‘allergy-safe’ are full of nuts: one of the most fatal allergens of all. Whenever any existing foodstuff is developed into a free-from product, so much of the time it seems to be at the expense of nut allergies. And what’s more, so many of the products that are marketed as ‘nut free’ (either by themselves or others) are in fact, not. As anybody else with life-threatening allergies will know, that ‘may contains’ warning is way too important to disregard.

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Your One Stop Free-From Tea And Biscuits Guide

So here’s the thing. I’m the first one to stick my hand up in the air and declare myself a complete and utter loser, for multiple things in life, but in this case for being THAT person who would always choose a nice cup of tea over vodka shots. I’ll take the complete mickey out of myself for the joy I get from sitting down with a brew, a biscuit (or five), putting my feet up, and watching This Morning, and I’m more than aware that I’m probably old before my time.

But you know what? I stand by my belief that the humble tea and biscuit break is completely under-rated, and I can almost guarantee that I’m not alone in this. LET US ALL ENJOY TEA AND BISCUITS WITHOUT SOCIETAL JUDGEMENT.

In line with that, it just so happens that I am allergic to life.

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