How To Choose The Best Powerchair For Your Chronic Illness

[AD. This post is sponsored by AXUS. As always, all opinions and lived experiences are my own!] I often talk about how becoming a wheelchair user has changed my life for the better. However, I also know that finding the right mobility aids for your chronic illness can feel daunting. Powerchairs can be especially beneficial […]

5 Tips And Tricks For Choosing The Best Mobility Aids [AD]

pippa using small black power-chair along the seafront, pippa turned away and looking out to sea which is visible in background

[AD] This piece is sponsored by My Mobility Guide. Keep reading to find out more about their work! Choosing a mobility aid that meets your needs isn’t quite like choosing a snazzy new handbag. The right aids can open up a whole new world and completely transform a person’s quality of life, but it’s incredibly […]

Using Mobility Aids When You Have An Invisible Illness

[I wrote this piece for The Huffington Post’s new ‘EveryBody’ campaign; see the original post here!] “What happened to you, then?” There’s no ideal time to acquire a long-term chronic illness, but becoming disabled halfway through your undergraduate degree has to be up there in the Least Convenient Life Situations list. Adapting to the student […]