Banishing The Winter Blues – Chronic Illness-Friendly Recommendations [AD]

Pippa stood outdoors and smiling, wearing navy blue winter coat, lilac jumper and pale pink bobble hat. Park visible in back (rather flooded with water at the time!)

AD – This post is sponsored by BetterYou*. Links marked with * are affiliate links, and you can use code LIFEOFPIPPA for 15% off your order. All opinions are my own. Always consult a medical professional before making changes to your medication or condition management, gang! Oh January. The Monday-est of months. The blank pages of […]

The Hedonic Treadmill Of Chronic Illness

pippa sat at table outdoors with river visible in background. pippa is wearing a pink denim jacket with a black top under it, holding up a red 'mocktail' and smiling

A treadmill analogy in a blog post about chronic illness? Really, Pippa? You’re gonna have to hear me out with this one, guys. I’ll never know peace again until I get some of these thoughts down on paper. Earlier this year, I read about a psychological concept known as hedonic adaptation. In a nutshell, hedonic […]