Hamilton West End at Victoria Palace Theatre

pippa sitting in theatre seat, holding up hamilton programme and smiling

Expectations: 5/5

Reality: 5/5

Chronic illness friendly: 4.5/5 (keep scrolling for my review!)

When a show is so critically acclaimed and adored by so many, there’s always the worry that when you see it for yourself, you’re going to be disappointed. HOWEVER, I’m relieved to say that my ambitiously high expectations of Hamilton were most definitely met when I finally got to witness the spectacle for myself. I’m writing this review a mere 48 hours after seeing the show and it feels like I’m still processing what I saw- the emotional impact seems to be hitting me harder now, as I’m reflecting on the performance, than during the performance itself. And in my opinion, that’s what makes for a great musical: something that completely consumes you, even after you exit the theatre.

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