FRIENDSFEST: Sheffield 2017

[I wrote this pretty lengthy blog post over the course of a couple of weeks, in between university deadlines and other commitments, with an extra helping of brain-fog. It’s not my best ever piece of writing and I debated not posting it at all, but I hope any fellow die-hard Friends fans enjoy it regardless!]

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the TV show Friends. I’ve been obsessed with that programme ever since first stumbling across it, there isn’t often a day that goes by where I don’t watch at least one episode. I can quote whole chunks of dialogue by heart, answer more random trivia questions than anybody I know, and I relate to Chandler Bing on a spiritual level.

Anyway, I first became aware of FriendsFest a couple of years ago. I’ve been waiting patiently for it to come to a location where attending would be do-able for me, so I nearly actually dropped dead when the 2017 dates were announced and the only venue in Yorkshire was… wait for it… Hillsborough Park, Sheffield. The same Hillsborough Park, extremely classy place that it is, is literally five minutes from the house I grew up in.

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