Finding accessible work with a chronic illness

hand holding notebook reading 'futile attempt at organising my life', with legs and feet in cosy PJs propped up in background

So, let’s talk about working with a chronic illness.

Since I started blogging, there’s one question I’ve consistently been asked more than any other: how I got my flexible, work from home job. If you don’t already know, I split my time between employment with a well-known UK disability charity, self-employment as a blogger and freelance writer, running a social enterprise, and relentlessly guzzling tea whilst making extensive to-do lists. You can find out a bit more about my background here.

This post has come about rather spontaneously, following preparations for a livestream on Zubia where I’ll be discussing accessible employment and managing work with a chronic illness. It was whilst doing my prep that it hit me: whilst there are a fair few of us talking about our own experiences, there’s not a great deal of practical support and signposting others to what helpful resources are currently out there.

So, that’s led me here: to a blog post I’m hastily putting together just before my livestream, in the hope that I’ll come back and keep adding to it. It’s no secret that there simply aren’t enough flexible opportunities out there for chronically ill people, with many employers yet to realise they’re missing out on a huge wealth of talent, but I hope these resources go some way in helping others to kick-start their own careers.

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