Moving From Moderate To Milder ME/CFS – My Experience

Pippa laid out on soft seating in a cafe window, legs elevated and her head resting on her hands.

If you’re new here, hello! My name is Pippa and I’ve lived with chronic illness since I was a teenager. Before we begin, you might find it helpful to read more about my background and chronic illness story first. I’m not a medical professional, and I definitely don’t speak for every individual with ME/CFS – […]

The Turtle Of Overexertion – A Chronic Illness Metaphor

pippa sat outdoors wearing coat and scarf, harbour visible in background

As you may know, I’m a chronically fatigued human being. I was lucky enough to acquire a debilitating long-term illness as a teenager, and the time following my diagnosis was a real struggle. However, even with all the pain and suffering I still have today, I know I’m one of the lucky ones. My health […]

My Chronic Illness Story: ME/CFS Onset, Diagnosis and Symptoms

pippa laid on sofa in mouse onesie, under duvet with open book resting on top

 So, here’s the thing. A few years into running my blog and starting up my freelance work, I realised that I’d never actually sat down to write my own chronic illness story. I think there were a few reasons why I was hesitant, and why I’m still somewhat hesitant now. Being a chronically ill or […]

For The ‘In-Betweeners’: The Invisible Challenges Of Moderate Chronic Illness

pippa in pyjamas holding tea and sat outside, looking into distance

I vividly remember writing this piece on a difficult afternoon where things felt, as they so often do, rather hopeless. At the time I decided there wouldn’t be any value in putting this out into the world, especially with this post being rather more sombre than my usual writing. However, after discussing the topic with […]