Cruising With A Chronic Illness – 5 Tips And Tricks

pippa in her trabsit wheelchair on land in madeira in front of a festive photo board, symbolising cruising with a chronic illness

December 2022 was an unusual one for my Mum and I. My Dad passed away from terminal illness earlier in the year, meaning that it would be our first Christmas just the two of us… and only a few weeks before the big day, we decided to do something very different. My Dad always loved […]

Moving From Moderate To Milder ME/CFS – My Experience

Pippa laid out on soft seating in a cafe window, legs elevated and her head resting on her hands.

If you’re new here, hello! My name is Pippa and I’ve lived with chronic illness since I was a teenager. Before we begin, you might find it helpful to read more about my background and chronic illness story first. I’m not a medical professional, and I definitely don’t speak for every individual with ME/CFS – […]

5 Ways To Be Prepared For Disability-Related Emergencies [AD]

pippa stood on wall outdoors, back to camera and looking at the humber bridge in the distance. pippa is wearing a long burgandy coat with black jeans and boots

[AD – this post is sponsored by Thompsons Solicitors. You can find out more about their organisation on their website, and read more about their Serious Injury Claims services here]. Something you might not know is that the name of my blog, Life Of Pippa, comes from anecdotes from my friends. Ever since I became […]