The Bittersweet Nature Of Chronic Illness

pippa's hand holding an orange paperback copy of bittersweet by susan cain

Who knows better than us that when you’re dealing with a long-term health condition, you have no choice but to try and find the joy amidst the struggle? Often, we’re led to believe that happiness is the absence of pain – however, when there’s no end in sight for your pain, you adapt. You learn to find joy in and amongst the struggle, rather than in place of it.

Books You Need In Your Life: October – December 2019

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Links marked with * are affiliate links: I earn a small commission from any purchase made by following these links, at no extra cost to you. This post contains #GIFTED items, as disclosed below. So here we are… what could well be my very last Books You Need In Your Life piece! I’ve been doing […]

Books You Need In Your Life, July- September 2018

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow by Siobhan Curham (Walker YA) “They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of humour but for me, sarcasm is a sanity-saver. If I wasn’t able to make fun of my situation I think my heart would crack in two from the tragedy of it all”. If you managed to […]

Books You Need In Your Life: April – June 2018

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It’s that time again! Put down your book, grab yourself a cuppa, and get cosy: I’ve read some absolute crackers this quarter, and I’ve been looking forward to telling you alllll about them. As always, everything is linked by the title (affiliate links- see bottom of post for more information), so have a browse, let […]