University And Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide

front cover of 'university and chronic illness: a survival guide' featuring bold typography and coloured ink dots with yellow notebook in lower left corner, complete with stickman doodles representing different disabilitiesTitle: University And Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide
Published by: Daisa & Co
Release Date: 31st January 2020
Contributors: Pippa Stacey
Pages: 205
ISBN13: 978-1-9162251-2-1

University and Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide is for every chronically illperson considering or preparing for university. A chatty and informative resource, the book goes far beyond your typical standardised advice on academics, and encompasses all aspects of student life: socialising, independent living, managing your money, and what to do when things go wrong.

Find out more about the book and my own story in this piece, and purchase a copy of your own here#ChronicStudying

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“I know that this time in your life may be full of questions and uncertainties. Is university the right choice for me? Should I live at home or move away? How do I manage studying on top of day-to-day living? What support am I entitled to? Will my flatmates understand my situation? And, most importantly, how on Earth do I fit all these pyjamas into just one drawer?”