Using Mobility Aids With A Chronic Illness – All You Need To Know!

pippa sat on the ground in front of her small black powerchair, hugging one knee up to her chest and smiling. she has her long brown hair down and is wearing sift denim dungarees with a white t-shirt.

~ Welcome! If you’ve found yourself on this page, the chances are that you’re interested in mobility aids. Whether you’re considering if they’re right for you, seeking tips for making the best choices, or after some advice for making the most of life on wheels, you’ve come to the right place. I can’t claim to […]

Rare Disease Day – My Erythromelalgia Story

If you’re new here, hello! My name is Pippa and I’m a disabled writer, speaker, and influencer attempting to live my best life alongside chronic illness. Since we’re coming up to Rare Disease Day, I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about my own rare diagnosis… a condition that’s been with me for […]

Waldo’s Circus Of Magic And Terror – Meet The Cast & Creatives

Two performers sat on a raised tight wire in a dark circus tent. The circus tent is decorated with gold stars and bunting. Krista, a young white woman of short stature with short brown hair, is to the right and looking away into the distance. Gerhard, a young white man with short brown hair, is on the left and gazes intently at the other performer, Krista, as he reaches his hand to touch her. Both characters’ costumes are in the style of the 1930s. Hers is a shiny silver beaded corset with white silk shorts, tights and black shoes. He looks elegant in brown trousers and a brown waistcoat over a long-sleeved white shirt and black shoes. Underneath the two performers burns a small fierce fire with red flames, reaching the soles of their feet and signifying the danger beneath this love story.

AD. What a joy to collaborate with Extraordinary Bodies to tell you more about Waldo’s Circus of Magic and Terror – thank you! Last year I was lucky enough to catch Extraordinary Bodies’ production of Human, and this year the team are back and better than ever with Waldo’s Circus of Magic and Terror. Keep […]