Can You Have A Work-Life Balance With A Chronic Illness?

Pippa sat at a table at a TEDx workshop, with her power-chair next to her. She's looking down and smiling as she writes on a big piece of paper, holding a cup of tea in the other hand, to represent work-life balance.

If you’re new here, welcome! My name is Pippa, I’m based in Yorkshire (UK), and I’m in the final year of my twenties. I was diagnosed with my chronic illness as a teenager which has completely altered my path in life, but I’m one of the luckier ones who’s experienced improvement and is now capable […]

How To Do Life With A Chronic Illness – my new book!

Pippa stood in front of her rainbow bookcase, smiling and holding up a copy of her book, How To Do Life With A Chronic Illness. The paperback book is yellow with blue and orange typography and a winding path design in the background.

I’m excited beyond words to introduce my new non-fiction book, How To Do Life With A Chronic Illness! The book was published on 18th April 2024 in paperback, eBook, and audiobook format, and you can order a copy from wherever you like to get your books. Keep on reading to find out more! For a […]

What is an Ambulatory Wheelchair User?

pippa sat on the ground in front of her small black powerchair, hugging one knee up to her chest and smiling. she has her long brown hair down and is wearing sift denim dungarees with a white t-shirt.

After I became unwell with my chronic illness, I put off using a wheelchair for a long time. I thought that they were only ‘allowed’ in certain cases and for certain people, and that I wasn’t one of them. Because of the way mobility aids are typically portrayed in the media, I naively assumed they […]

Freelancing With A Chronic Illness: My Fourth Year of Self-Employment

Pippa sat at a desk with her laptop open in front of her, looking down and writing in a diary to represent freelancing with a chronic illness. Professional image by Timm Cleasby Photography.

Hello! If this is the first blog post of mine you’re reading, let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Pippa, and around four years ago I made the daunting decision to leave my job employed in the charity sector and wade into freelancing with a chronic illness. These days I’m best known for being […]